You love me, it's okay I do too.
A bad person is capable of doing good things. A good person is capable of making mistakes.

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Radio City from Sunday.

My cousin has a wide back but I got all the muscle muhaha!

I get high when I ain’t down.

I rarely take selfies but when I do, they are fuzzy.

Don’t Worry About Them… Do You

I hope everyone goes through this, that feeling where you want others to understand what you’re saying when you want them to acknowledge that you are correct or that their blur their perspective so that they side with you. If you do, then just like me, you’re controlling. However, the truth is that it is ugly. We should not let others push us to become that vindictive nor should we provoke others to war because we simply need to be right. I’m sure everyone knows that, it’s just that I needed that reminder today.

It’s best to be patient even if we hate that feeling of waiting, but it’s best. I’m just going to continue to do what I would normally do and hope that I ultimately am correct in the grand scheme of things.

The funny thing about opinions are that they change. The second a person needs a favor from you that had a bad image of you previously, it all of a sudden never happened and is exsponged.

Just Take My Money!

I swear finding a good barber is the most difficult thing.

Everything In Moderation?! Fuck No

Everything I do, I do on a binge regiment. When I was just a young lad that was thirsty for alcohol all the time, I would drink more beer and liquor than water. When I was my heaviest muscle mass, I went to the gym every day. When I go looking for jobs, I apply at 30 at a time just to increase my odds!

Cucumber & Gin Cocktail with a Downtown City View

I’m happy to say to say that I’ve eaten at more than half of the best oyster bars in the United States, at least by Food and Wine’s standard. I’ve been traveling recently and I’ve definitely eaten at a ton of places, however, no body believes me because I don’t live that instagram lifestyle and take pictures of my food. You need a hash-tag for proof you ate some place? I got the experience, I’m good. There are food snobs, and then there is me. I’m a complete fat ass living in a sexy body, oh and did I mention, I’m humble too!